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Meconium Targeted Drug Screening
Meconiuom from newborns is typically used to screen for drug use by the mother during pregnancy. Drugs accumulate in meconium by fetal excretion into bile and amniotic fluid. To increase sample throughput while reducing the amount of meconium necessary for testing, a method was developed for analyzing 26 drugs of abuse in meconium in 9 seconds per sample...
Method for Screening & Quantification of 47 Drugs in Urine
Widespread drug prescription and abuse have necessitated the monitoring of patients for compliance. Often, patient samples are first screened by immunoassay to identify the presence of drugs, and then identification and quantity is confirmed by mass spectrometry (MS). A way to decrease costs while increasing sample accuracy and number of analytes during screening has been achieved...
IMCS and DPX worked together to create an automated sample prep. method that is clean and fast. Get 96 samples ready for injection on an LC-MS/MS in 50 minutes or less. Our team offers:
  • - Confidential program development
  • - Customized to your needs
  • - Collaborative workflow solutions