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16May 2016
May 16, 2016

Ultra-fast Quantification of Antidepressants in Urine


According to the National Center for Health Statistics, antidepressants are the third most common prescription drug used, and roughly 10% of Americans are on antidepressants. With an increase in demand for antidepressants, a need for increase in sample throughput emerges. By using an LDTD® ion source coupled with mass spectrometry, quantification of 7 antidepressants in urine samples becomes faster and more specific. The LDTD® ion source uses a laser diode to vaporize dry samples from a 96-well plate, after which the sample is carried by a gas into a corona discharge region, resulting in high efficiency protonation and strong resistance to ionic suppression. The use of the LDTD® ion source enables samples to be processed at a run time of only 9 seconds.

Independent technical poster presented by Alex Birsan – Phytronix at MSACL 2016

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