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imcszyme beta glucuronidase
31May 2016
May 31, 2016

IMCSzyme vs. Other Enzymes

IMCSzyme® is a genetically engineered beta-glucuronidase that is highly purified and filter sterilized. Comparative studies between the natural sources (abalone, snail, limpet, bacteria) have been published extensively over the past three decades, and IMCSzyme® has shown to be a more effective source for faster and cleaner processing of urine samples.

Our Source Provides:

  • • More stability over time
  • • Greater consistency across lot numbers
  • • Cleaner/more pure
  • • Higher activity

Stop Paying for Impurities

Concentration/Purity Comparison

imcszyme beta-glucruonidase purity

Samples of purified Abalone compared to IMCSzyme on Thermo Vanquish™ UHPLC system show impurities.


Protein Concentration* Comparison

IMCSzyme® 1.0 mg/mL
Purified Abalone 2.4 mg/mL
Abalone 6.9 mg/mL

2.4 times less protein per volume
*Protein concentration is determined using Bradford reagent with BSA as reference standards.

  • • less interferents
  • • reduce matrix effects
  • • increase column life
imcszyme purity

SDS-PAGE (polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis) used to separate proteins according to their size. The protein samples are mixed with a buffer containing SDS and heated to denature the proteins and reduce them to their primary structure. A protein marker containing several proteins of known size is run with the samples. The large band seen in every sample represents the beta-glucuronidase enzyme, the other bands seen are other proteins that are not the enzyme. IMCSzyme is demonstrated as a pure solution.


Demand the Highest Quality:

IMCS practices strict quality standards to provide a consistently stable and pure product.

  • • SDS-Page analysis for all lots of enzyme produced
  • • Each lot has a batch record
  • • Guaranteed product shelf life for 6 months
  • • Made in the USA for fast overnight shipping












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