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17Oct 2016
Oct 17, 2016

Meet Our New Sales Representative


Bill Murphy-Technical Sales Specialist


Bill Murphy has over 25 years’ experience in the medical diagnostic industry, with an emphasis in toxicology. His technical knowledge and unique understanding of the issues faced by laboratories are a great asset. Bill has worked with small and large laboratories to help develop the best and most efficient processes.

We are excited to grow our sales and technical development team and offer services to our customers. IMCS services include confidential method development services to our laboratory partners. Each laboratory has unique challenges and objectives that span from developing high-throughput methods for a wide variety of biological molecules to discoveries based on a single molecule. As such, IMCS provides confidential method development to our laboratory partners to enable them to meet the demands of the industry and their clients. IMCS provides confidential services to clinical labs, academic medical centers, forensic toxicology labs and health science companies.

Bill will be covering IMCSzyme® and IMCStips™ sales and technical development in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio and Deleware.

Stop by our booth #215 at Society of Forensic Toxicologist to meet Bill Murphy and see the latest technical presentations on IMCSzyme!

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