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15May 2017

IMCStips technical presentations at ASMS 2017

IMCS is excited to have 2 technical presentations at ASMS this year. Our proteomics R&D team has worked on projects involving new automated methods for peptide desalting and phosphopeptide enrichment using dispersive pipette extraction- IMCStips products.

Monday, June 5

Poster #MP396
Title: Automated Peptide Desalting Using Dispersive Pipette Extraction Tips for Increased Protein Identifications


Desalting peptides is an essential procedure for improving LC-MS/MS analysis. Removing salts utilizes solid phase extraction (SPE), which has relied on cartridge formats. These formats have been used for routine sample preparation and the microspin columns have been developed to miniaturize and speed up the desalting processes. However, these procedures are not readily adapted for automated liquid handlers. We present automated, dispersive pipette extraction technology in IMCStips for robust and high-throughput proteomics analysis. Several different resins were compared in spin column versus dispersive pipette. Specific peptides were monitored for optimal loading and recoveries for both SPE formats (spin vs tip), and total proteome analysis was assessed on cell lysates to determine total protein IDs for both extraction processes.

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Wednesday, June 7 

Poster #WP596
Title: Automated High-Throughput Phosphopeptides Enrichment using TiO2 Dispersive Pipette Extraction


Phosphorylation of peptide is a key signal transduction of the eukaryotic cells and molecular signature of human disease.  The global deep profiling of phosphospeptide has been successfully optimized in the procedures of enrichment, mass spectrometry, and data analysis. However, the phosphopeptide enrichment is highly labor-intensive and low-throughput process that leads to poor reproducibility. Here we introduce a TiO2 dispersive pipette extraction technology in IMCStips. The method uses an automatic liquid handling system to enrich phosphopeptides for high-throughput and reproducible sample preparation to study phosphorylation event for the biomedical research.

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