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Company Vision

Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems, LLC (IMCS) is a biotechnology company focused on delivering tools and services to accelerate the promise of Precision Medicine. At IMCS, we believe that healthcare is personal. Your DNA is unique, therefore treatment of a disease should be unique to you. Improving the understanding of your DNA and its complexities will assist healthcare professionals in administering medicine with increased accuracy.

IMCS Enabling Precision Medicine

Segmenting samples from body fluids enables scientists and doctors to obtain a greater depth of knowledge about how your body is reacting to a drug regimen. For instance, after administering a drug, how do we know exactly what your body does with the drug? Is there enough drug in the body to treat your disease? As healthcare advances toward more customized medical care, obtaining a clear picture of the individual is crucial for implementing a proper therapeutic regimen. The concept of matching a treatment regimen to an individual’s biological profile is one aspect of what is often referred to as Precision Medicine. IMCS strives to address the growing needs of clinical and research laboratories through advanced technologies that increase testing efficiency and accuracy.

Company Background

IMCS was founded in January 2013 by Andrew Lee, Qian Wang and William Brewer, three Ph.D. scientists from the University of South Carolina. Its rapid success stemmed from the company’s unique technology; the founders’ experience running companies (DPX Technologies and A&Q NanoDesigns); and support from the city of Columbia, University of South Carolina and the local USC-Columbia incubator program. IMCS was a USC/COLA Technology Incubator company and the second tenant of USC IDEA Labs in a 100 square foot office and 200 square foot laboratory. IMCS graduated from the incubator program in August 2014 with 4 full-time employees and 2 part-time employees. Over the last two years, IMCS steadily expanded to occupy over 4,000 square feet at USC IDEA Labs.

The founders and Mark Hanna provided seed capital for the launching of the business. Andrew Lee and Mark Hanna act as the company’s operational and strategic leaders.

Company Growth

IMCS has completed construction of our new 9,000 square foot state-of-the-art laboratory and administrative headquarters at 110 Centrum Drive in Columbia suburb, Irmo.The new infrastructure and equipment are part of a multi-million dollar capital investment by IMCS to ensure a state-of-the-art biotechnology operations center in the Midlands, South Carolina. The facility is specifically designed to increase production capability and to expand future products. In addition, the added space will enable us to recruit talented scientists and staff, and bring additional cutting edge products to market. IMCS creates, manufactures and distributes its biotechnology products to many types of laboratories including; clinical, forensic toxicology, university research, US Federal Government agency and health science companies.



Our Partners

IMCS is grateful to partner with several companies that aid in the research and development, manufacturing and distribution of its products. Our partnerships allow us to operate efficiently throughout the United States and Asia.


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