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IMCStips™ are a sample preparation product utilizing a patented dispersive pipette extraction technology. The pipette tips contain loose resin, which mixes with sample during aspirating and dispensing steps. The patented disperser forces turbulent mixing of resin in the liquid sample, which results in maximum contact between the resin and analytes.

  • • rapid extraction times
  • • no additional equipment
  • • easy integration with automated systems



IMCS offers a wide range of dispersive resins designed and manufactured to accommodate different applications, which can be tailored to fit the needs of specific lab procedures. IMCStips can be adapted to the following automated or semi-automated platforms. IMCStips can also be ordered for universal manual pipettors.

Product Type: Universal (manual pipette) Integra Systems Tecan Systems
Size: 200 µl, 1 mL, 5 mL 300 µl, 1.25 mL 200 µl, 1 mL
Amount: 8, 24, 96 8, 24, 96 8, 24, 96


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Our scientists have developed fast and easy methods for protein sample preparation with IMCStips. Clinical application of proteomics require proteins and peptides of interest be sufficiently recovered and desalted for precise and high quality mass spectra analysis. The extraction protocols developed follow simple bind, wash, and elute steps to recover protein and peptides of interest in a variety of sample types. IMCStips methods remove the need for labor intensive centrifugation steps, magnetic beads, or vacuum manifolds.

Order IMCStips with customized resins for your application.

  • • confidential method development
  • • collaborative workflow solutions




IGF-1 Purification
  • • Accurate and robust quantification of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) from serum
  • • Low cost SPE enrichment method
  • • High throughput SPE method developed using RP resin
Size Exclusion
  • • Low molecular weight (LMW) peptides are attractive targets for monitoring human health
  • • IMCStips for rapid isolation of LMW peptides using various pore sizes
  • • High throughput SPE method developed
Affinity Purification
  • • Recombinant protein purification
  • • Antibody based affinity purification
  • • High throughput SPE method developed using Protein A or IMAC resin
Desalting and Enrichment
  • • Improved signal intensities, signal-to-noise ratios, and sequence coverage
  • • High throughput SPE methods developed
  • • Example of resins available: RP, C18, C4, C8

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