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Safety Data Sheets

IMCSzyme MSDS-Material Safety Data Sheet 

Rapid Hydrolysis Buffer Safety Data Sheet


Technical Poster Presentations

SOFT – Society of Forensic Toxicologists

  1.  Degradation and Conversion of Opioids and Opiates during Acid Hydrolysis
  2.  Rapid Hydrolysis of Glucuronidated Opiates and Opioids in Urine Using IMCSzyme®
  3. Accurate Quantitation of Heroin Metabolite, 6-Monoacetlymorphine in Urine using IMCSzyme® for Hydrolysis
  4. Buprenorphine Hydrolysis Using a Novel Recombinant beta-glucuronidase for Urine Drug Testing
  5. Development of an LC/MS-MS Naloxone Hydrolysis Assay Using a Recombinant beta-glucuronidase for Urinalysis
  6. Opiate Hydrolysis by a Novel Recombinant beta-glucuronidase for Urine Analysis
  7. Fast, Simple and Accurate Method for Urine Drugs of Abuse Screening and Quantitation Using Liquid Chromatography with Time of Flight (TOF) Mass

Technical Poster Presentations

MSACL- Mass Spectrometry Applications to the Clinical Lab

  1.  Conversion of Drug Metabolites Due to Contaminants in Commercial Beta-glucuronidase Products
  2. Ultra-Fast Quantification of Antidepressants in Urine at 9 seconds per sample using LDTD-MS/MS
  3. Fast, Simple Method for the Analysis of Benzodiazepines in Meconium and an Interlaboratory Method Comparison
  4. Enzyme Hydrolysis of Haloperidol Glucuronide; A Major Urine Metabolite of Haldol®
  5. Enzyme Hydrolysis using a Novel Recombinant β-Glucuronidase for Pain Management Urine Drug Testing
  6. Hydrolyze Your Way to Compliance – A Call for Pain Management Certified Reference Materials
  7. Uromics: Metabolomics in Urine for Seroquel®, Latuda®, and Haldol®

Technical Poster Presentations

ASMS- American Society of Mass Spectrometry

  1. *NEW* Comparison of novel Beta-glucuronidases for Process Improvement in Urine Toxicology Workflows
  2. *NEW* Utilizing Purified Beta-glucuronidase and Arylsulfatase to Accurately Quantitate Metabolites in Human Urine
  3. Meconium Targeted Drug Screening in 9 seconds per Sample Using Laser Diode Thermal Desorption Mass Spectrometry (LDTD-MS/MS)
  4. LC-MS/MS Method for the Determination of Tricyclic and Tetracyclic Antidepressants in Human Urine
  5. Screening and Quantification of Pain and Antidepressant Drugs in Human Urine by Liquid Chromatography-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Journal of Analytical Toxicology Articles


  1. *NEW* Internal Hydrolysis Indicator for Sample Specific Monitoring of β-Glucuronidase Activity
  2. Degradation of Opioids and Opiates During Acid Hydrolysis Leads to Reduced Recovery Compared to Enzymatic Hydrolysis 
  3. Variations in Enzymatic Hydrolysis Efficiencies for Amitriptyline and Cyclobenzaprine in Urine
  4. Rapid Enzyme Hydrolysis Using a novel recombinant b-glucuronidase in Benzodiazepine Urine Analysis
  5. Development and Validation of a Novel LC-MS/MS Opioid Confirmation Assay: Evaluation of beta -glucuronidase Enzymes and Sample Cleanup Methods

Application Notes


  1. Hydrolyzing 30,000 ng/mL of codeine-6-b-glucuronide in 15 minutes with greater than 80% efficiency using IMCSzyme®