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Product Overview

IMCStips™ - powered by DPX Technologies are dispersive extraction pipette tips containing loosely packed resin providing maximum contact between resin and sample mixes by simple aspirate and dispensing steps.
Our technology reduces clogging and channeling effects, seen with traditional SPE while improving flow rates and achieving higher recoveries. Methods with IMCStips are available in an automated, on-line format. This approach allows high volume laboratories to use their existing liquid handling systems for sample preparation for proteins of interest while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

imcstips binding capacity
analyte binding imcstips
Analyte binding per aspiration was assessed using bromophenol blue dye diluted in water at varying concentrations. The binding capacity of the tips are limited by concentration as well as the chemical property of the analyte of interest (ie logP values).

Seamless Method Development
Our scientist support your high throughput needs for DNA or protein sample processing.

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